Sean tree poseYoga

W + F 10:30am-noon
Yoga Tree Telegraph

Enter the flow of life and breath.
Find yourself, here, rising, falling with the tide
in the ocean of this body, “fathom-long”, the Buddha said,
and in it found the world, its beginning, and its end.

Drop a plumb line from the sky
The Middle Path, this subtle spine, and soften
mind, let go the spinning trance —
Rest in stillness, breathing, here,
to rise again into a holy dance.

Steady, focused vinyasa practice, with mindfulness and Dharma teachings woven into asana & pranayama. Expect to sweat, breathe, move and be still.

All bodies and “levels” of practice are welcome: variations of poses are offered to support you working at the place that is right for you, and resting is always welcome. Your yoga is your own.

Together we cultivate sensitivity, intimacy with ourselves and wise presence with others, continuity of awareness, and inquiry into the nature of this body and human life.

Some thoughts on vinyasa practice as meditation…

Insight Meditation Satsang

Thursdays 7:45-9:15pm
Yoga Tree Telegraph

Tuesdays 7:30-8:45pm
Piedmont Yoga
(rotating teachers – I’m on all summer 2014)

We sit for 30 minutes with simple meditation instructions given and then silence, I give a short talk on an aspect of practice or yogic philosophy, emphasizing teachings that are deeply relevant to our complex modern lives. We have time for questions and discussion, inquiring into the spiritual path as it manifests both on the mat/cushion and in daily life. Satsang is Sanskrit for “community of truth” and describes gatherings of seekers who meet to open their hearts and minds together through sharing wisdom and inquiry.

Beginners in any tradition are warmly welcome, especially yoga asana practitioners curious about meditation or “the other 7 Limbs” of yoga, and anyone interested in how the two venerable paths of Buddhism and Yoga weave together. My intention is for this to be a space of community, inquiry, and deep nourishment for our community as we mature into a yoga that is not just wonderful exercise but a complete path of awakening and liberation.

the practice of dana

Like the Sunday kirtan, satsang is offered completely on donation, in the ancient Buddhist tradition of dāna. Your generous donations allow me to offer practice events in this way, open to all, and supportive of an inclusive practice community. Donations, and an all-donation structure, also create a more radically-inclusive community, as all are welcome to join, regardless of ability to pay. Donations are collected after the group, and can also be offered through a Paypal link at the bottom of these webpages. Thank you for your generosity!


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