Resources for study + practice

Local sitting groups

Sit with others! Dharma friends are the best support you can have for consistent practice.
Here’s a selective list of meditation groups in the Bay Area, mostly Theravāda Buddhist, with some Zen and Tibetan I know and value.


Introduction to Buddhist texts

Here’s a syllabus for serious beginners to start reading the Pāli Canon, perhaps the earliest extant Buddhist texts that have been preserved. The discourses in this list are among the most central and important in the tradition, and are a great intro to the beauty and depth of the tradition. They were made for a sutta study class at the East Bay Meditation Center in 2014, and I’ll add to this page over time with other recommendations.


Handouts, slides, chant sheets

Here’s a variety of handouts I’ve made for chanting & study. Feel free to download and use. If you want to use them in a teacher training or other commercial setting, that’s cool, but please let me know. A lot of work went into these, and I’m happy to offer them in the spirit of dāna.

Texts, outlines, and notes – Buddhist

2 discourses from the Pāli Canon on lay people’s practice (Abhisanda and Sigālaka Suttas)
and notes on the Sigalaka/Sigalovada

Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta (Anālayo trans.), and notes and practices

Kāyāgatasati Sutta (Mindfulness of Body), and notes and practices

Ānāpānasati Sutta (Fronsdal trans.), and commentary (Ñānamoli)

Turning the Wheel of the Dhamma (Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta) with notes

another version of notes on the Dhammacakka, longer & more detailed

Metta & Brahmavihara practice notes, the Metta Sutta in Pāli & English for chanting

The Heart Sutra in Sanskrit & English (Red Pine, trans.)

The Platform Sutra of Hui-Neng, excerpts (Red Pine, trans.)

A chart of Theravāda meditation lineages (author unknown – if you know, lmk!)

Texts, outlines, and notes – Yoga & Śaiva Tantra

Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali (Sanskrit & English, Hartranft trans.) – this pdf is a very compact version of this. and notes & study guide for the YS

A meditation sadhana based on Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra, plus mantras & verses for chanting

The Bhagavad Gītā, notes

Notes on lists & terms from Śaiva Tantra

Heart of Recognition trans. (Wallis) and notes

The Śiva Sutras (Laksmanjoo & Dyczkowski trans. in parallel)

Notes on the subtle body in Yoga: vāyu, nādi, cakra, kośa, granṭhi, guṇa, antaḥkaraṇa

Hatha Yoga Pradipika, notes and practices

History of Yoga + further reading

Notes on the history of yoga, with primary texts (Original published essay. Sharing ok, but please cite.)

Yoga reading list for beginners (PDF), same as a web page (HTML)

Trauma, Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence

Notes on the Nervous System and basics of Organic Intelligence

Slides from “Trauma & Spiritual Practice” class

Hindu chanting

Chant sheet for yoga class
Sanskrit chants for kirtan

Hanuman Chalisa
Gayatri Mantra with melody by Deva Premal
Jaya Jagadisa Hare
Radhe Krsna Bolo Mukhase (bhajan from Calcutta)
Some kirtan chants with sargam and chords
Sargam (scale syllable) exercises

Buddhist chanting

Pali chants for kirtan
Pali refuges and five precepts
Metta chant and sutta
Invitation to the Devas
Setting the Wheel of the Dharma in Motion (whole sutta)
Refuge and Great Protector verses
Chant book from Amaravati monastery
Heart Sutra in Sanskrit and English (tr. by Red Pine)


Centers + Teachers

Here are links to centers, teachers, resources, and peers I work with and have been blessed to know.

Insight Meditation

Spirit Rock: my Bay Area dharma home. Go on retreat!
East Bay Meditation Center: focused on social justice & liberation for all beings. A treasure.
San Francisco Insight: Eugene Cash & Pam Weiss. My longtime SF sangha.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley: James Baraz & Kate Janke
Insight Meditation Center: Gil Fronsdal, Redwood City. Now with all-dāna retreat center!
Insight Meditation Society: the mothership of American vipassanā, Barre MA.
Metta Forest Monastery: Ajahn Thanissaro, San Diego.
Open Dharma: ditch your business suit, backpack in India or Spain, find these brilliant teachers.

Access to Insight: all the Theravada text resources you didn’t know you loved so much, you scholar, you.
Dharma Seed: listen. Stream to cross the stream.

Tibetan + Zen

Dharmata: Anam Thubten, Rinpoche. Point Richmond.
Pundarika: Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Dzogchen.
Tara Mandala: Lama Tsultrim Allione, in Colorado.
Mt Baldy Zen Center: my first intensive training.
SF Zen Center: beat roots to beet roots. Our local treasure.


Yoga Tree SF: where I teach most of my classes. Telegraph Studio.
Piedmont Yoga Studio: Venerable Bay Area studio now under new ownership.
Yoga Garden SF: I teach philosophy and history in their teacher training program.

Loka Yoga: Alice Joanou, a primary inspiring teacher for me. Oakland. Like no other.
David Moreno: my first teacher training. Bihar, Anusara & Aṣṭānga influence.
Rachel Shaw: longtime teacher, friend, peer. Also a doula, mama.
Isaac Milder: deepest yoga education of any teacher my age. Beyond his years.
Karen Macklin: wonderful teacher, writer, and dharma friend. Also teaches yoga & writing.

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