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“Luminous is this mind”: immersive participatory installation

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Saturday, Feb 1, 2014, YBCA

Immersion in darkness is revered in the Buddhist tradition as a powerful support for seeing and understanding the nature of one’s own heart and mind. In “Luminous is this mind”, audience members are invited to join sean in a specially-constructed space for a 15 minute “dark retreat”, which could include meditation, conversation, movement, song, or healing ritual, personalized for each participant. The piece was generously supported by Yerba Buena as part of their Field of Inquiry: Body Politic program.

The Midnight Club, 2011-12

How do you make a video of a piece that takes place mostly in darkness and very dim light? And one that was a very slow-moving participatory installation? “Dim, Boring Films” – that’s my production co.

Making this video it’s obvious, maybe, that it doesn’t represent the experience of the piece itself at all. It never could, of course, as we know. But this one is for sure a different creature; a different project for a different audience. Who am I now, as I watch these images? What connection do I have to who we were then? I can already feel the film yellowing (which of course this film never will — if WordPress is around still reading m4v files in 2113, someone could see these images), becoming grainier, decaying: decay as my life slips further from these moments, decay as we grow older and accumulate new images on top of these in our hearts. Distance is the most palpable sensation. So documentation in the end is a gesture in relation to time. It creates past. The Midnight Club 2012 is past. Long live The Midnight Club. 

Actually I like this — dim, slow, grainy, and the perception of loss, distance, time. Remembering things we did, noticing others for the first time, editing for snappy lines and any visuals at all, performing the past. Writing the past. Really, I just like us. Which was always exactly the point.

Circo Zero, Sol Niger

I made this piece with Keith Hennessy’s company in Residence at Les Subsistences in Lyon, France, and the Centre Choreographique in Belfort. It was a really satisfying project. I won an Isadora Duncan dance award for “Best Sound/Text 2007-8” for the music. Here’s a few excerpts. I’m on piano, mostly, and made the percussion soundtrack in the “hoods” section.

when the heart’s an empty room

Here’s a few excerpts from my 2005 “solo” show. So many of my friends and collaborators had left town following the dot-com bust that I was left with few familiar peers. I asked several friends to film themselves dancing, wearing white. I edited the videos and made live music for them, then danced myself, trying to feel our connections over the distance, through space and time, through the fibers of our connection as friends, community, remembering bodies I know so well.