Buddhist & Hindu kirtan

I am not offering Kirtan at this time, and the Sunday evening kirtan at Yoga Tree Telegraph has ended.

Among my reasons for taking a break were a need to focus on my PhD dissertation and other work, especially Organic Intelligence and Buddhist teaching. In addition, I have been increasingly uncomfortable with the complexity of Hindu-Buddhist-New Age devotional practice in North America, its complicity in dynamics of cultural appropriation and colonialism. My own practice mirrors that complexity, of course, and it has felt necessary to step back from teaching and leading Hindu devotional practice for some time to sort it out.

Here’s some of my thoughts on appropriation and complexity.

Thank you to everyone who made the Sunday kirtans with Sara and I such a pleasure and deep well of joy and community for 7 years. We will return to singing and devotion at some point, and come back to the Pali Buddhist kirtan album we started years ago. Keep in touch, bhaktas!

For info on Sara’s adult and infant craniosacral and trauma resolution work, her website is lucidhuman.org.



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