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Dharma-rooted counseling

Individual sessions with me in meditation, inquiry, yoga, and inner process are based on the principles of Buddhist and yogic psychology, and hold the intention toward Liberation to be the basis of all the work we do together. This orientation grounds our work in a wide and ancient lineage of inner development, and invites us to use diverse methods to unfold the many layers of wounding, conditioning, and confusion that prevent us from living and knowing ourselves more fully and vibrantly.

I use Somatic Experiencing as a primary modality, but see it as a Skillful Means (upaya), not different from the deep work of focused mindfulness and Dharma Inquiry. I work primarily with yoga and Buddhist practitioners who want to deepen their practice, unwind trauma, and bring clarity to aspects of practice that solo work on the mat or cushion is not reaching. All sincere seekers of any tradition, or none, are welcome.

Somatic Experiencing

Warm, supportive psychological work can be one of the most profound disciplines a yogi can take on. Mindfulness and yoga practice opens doors and windows in the heart and mind that may not have been cracked in many years. Doors that may have been broken, slammed, or locked in early childhood; windows that have become fogged and opaque with age. Skillfully caring for these ancient wounds is a necessary part of any spiritual Path.

A brilliant method for working with the wounded heart (mind, body, spirit…) is the counseling modality Somatic Experiencing. Developed by Dr. Peter Levine, it addresses bound energy, or trauma, in the nervous system through concentrated attention, body awareness and a slow, step-by-step approach to contacting and unwinding traumatic residue. SE supports each person’s natural ability to heal from trauma by providing a gentle and skillful container for reintegration.

SE invites skillful integration of traumatic experience without retriggering or getting lost in concepts or story. It can be a profound support for inner work, no matter what our primary discipline is. Many yogis and meditators (like me) use it as a very deep form of supported meditation and inquiry that touches both the psychological and energetic aspects of spiritual unfolding. You can find more info on SE from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, the organization dedicated to developing this work. My own approach to SE is strongly informed by the Organic Intelligence approach pioneered by Steven Hoskinson, with whom I trained and continue to study with.

Rates & scheduling

I am offering sessions currently on a generous sliding scale compared to much mainstream private therapeutic work. It’s my hope that this allows folks with many levels of resource to come and benefit from this work.

Sessions are 75 minutes, and cost $100. If cost is prohibitive, I offer a sliding scale from $100-60, with the invitation to give what you can afford on that scale. Through 2015 I have limited availability for sessions as I focus on dissertation writing, however if you feel this work might support your unfolding or spiritual path, please do contact me, and we’ll see what’s possible.

I see people at my home studio in North Oakland, in the Temescal neighborhood.

Call or send a note for more info: 510 984 4008 or email me at [email protected].